Our price match guarantee policy

If you find a cheaper airfare we'll match it, as long as it adheres to the criteria in our checklist below:

  • This offer applies only to international flights originating from South Africa; domestic flights are excluded
  • Our price guarantee does not apply where the cheaper flight is part of a travel package with an inclusive airfare. The offer applies only to public airfares and does not apply to loyalty schemes, which are subsidized by a company or institution and airline tactical fares
  • The fare must be available and for the same route, date, flight number, ticket type (i.e. booking class) and travel class (i.e. economy, premium economy or business class) and should include all taxes, surcharges and service fees
  • If there are adults, children and infants travelling on the same booking, we'll require a breakdown of each fare so that we can calculate the difference in fare per ticket
  • The quote must be a formal written quote, presented to us on the same day it was created and must be presented to us prior to booking.
  • You can provide written airfare quotes from:
    • Registered South African travel agencies
    • Airlines registered with IATA
    • South African registered websites quoting in South African Rand

In order to query a price match that meets the above criteria, please email [email protected] or contact a Travel by Investec
consultant on 021 929 2800 or +27 21 929 2800 for assistance.

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